Story Sosa

A program that delivers evenings of live, multimedia journalism in front of a live audience. Within a single evening, Story Sosa combines elements of narrative storytelling, video, animation, and immersive experiences with a live band — all on stage in front of a live audience. Through this program, we intend to speak to audiences in new ways and breathe new life not just into the media sector but also into the creative space more broadly by providing opportunities for journalists to collaborate with visual artists, musicians, and graphic designers in a novel way.


Story Sosa: Rewind, Reimagine, Relive.

Did you miss the highly experimental Or were you there, but the echoes of those powerful narratives still linger in your mind? Fret no more! We’re thrilled to bring you the chance to own a piece of storytelling history with exclusive access to the recorded performances of all five incredible storytellers. From the parable of the monkey to 100 years of samosas –  catch all incredible stories & support the storytellers you love. 

Go Behind the Scenes - A Taste of Story Sosa.

Savor every step of Story Sosa’s 5-year journey, from a bold concept to a sold-out show. Across five unique episodes, from salty beginnings to its savoury finale, we explore the remarkable journey of Story Sosa’s production and performance. Join us as we uncover the creative process, delve into the challenges turned opportunities, and showcase the power of collaborative storytelling. 

Moments from the First Story Sosa

Story Sosa: The healing we badly needed

It’s experimental and experiential but most of all, I must say, it is healing. Kenyans are living in uneasy times, from the outside things seem okay, high rise buildings keep going up…

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