A Taste of Story Sosa: Behind the Scenes on a Multimedia Storytelling Experience

Savor every step of Story Sosa’s 5-year journey, from a bold concept to a sold-out show. Across five unique episodes, from salty beginnings to its savoury finale, we explore the remarkable journey of Story Sosa’s production and performance. Join us as we uncover the creative process, delve into the challenges turned opportunities, and showcase the power of collaborative storytelling. This podcast offers a deep dive into the making of Story Sosa and provides valuable insights for aspiring creators seeking to break down industry silos and inspire change.

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Baraza Media Lab is Nairobi’s premier space for networking, collaborating, and experimenting among Kenya’s media practitioners. As a vibrant hub, Baraza fosters a dynamic community of storytellers and media professionals, providing a platform for knowledge sharing and innovation. 

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