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Media is known to shape public views, preferences and opinions. With this, BarazaResearch aims to generate insights on how content, policies and evolving technologies impact our society, and how we can support media professionals to continue informing, educating and entertaining; while making a sustainable living

Our Themes

“Exploring the
ever-evolving media spaces that shape our communities”

Our Approach

“We produce actionable insights through surveys, Focus Group Discussions, Observational & Action Research, Content Analysis, Mixed Methods and Comparative Studies for navigating media practice”

The Reports

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic within creative industries in Kenya

In 2022, #BarazaResearch conducted a survey in four counties in Kenya: Kisumu, Malindi, Nyeri and Uasin Gishu as part of its exploration of the theoretical and applied aspects in the Creative Economy, following one of the most significant challenges in decades, the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this first phase of the project, we engage creative entrepreneurs from the respective hubs on how we can strengthen the creative sector and its contribution towards sustainable and inclusive economic development.

Media Law Handbook for Journalists in Kenya

Determined to support media professionals through various policies, we have initiated our work in legal policy with a compilation of Media and ICT case laws in Kenya.

The Media Law Handbook for Journalists in Kenya elaborates on the law as relates to media practice in Kenya, where we examine the constitutional right to free speech, Copyright Law, Data Protection, Cybersecurity, Right to privacy, other media regulations and statutory frameworks.

Baraza Media Creative Sector Research

The Creative Economy in Kenya has created diverse employment opportunities, income-generation avenues, and bolstered innovation while at the same time having an impact on the people’s well-being.

In order to improve the state of this market, it is important that we highlight the challenges experienced in the sector, identify their root causes and propose recommendations that support the Creative industry. These reports offer insights into the survey carried out on Audiovisual, Performing Arts, Print & Publishing sub-sectors and their growing importance as crucial industries for sustainable development.

Here are our two reports: Findings Report & Literature Review

Reporting on suicide through social media by Kenya’s broadcasting stations

In this study, we carry out content analysis evaluating how suicide is reported through Twitter by some of Kenya’s leading broadcast stations in adherence to the WHO reporting guidelines.

We look into how media and online coverage of this public health crisis have been done over a period of time, the language used in reporting and the potential risk the aforementioned could have in our communities. By highlighting the best practices of responsible media reporting on suicide, our aim is to support the ongoing efforts in suicide prevention globally.

Podcasting in Africa

Africa Podfest and Baraza Media Lab have partnered to launch a series of reports on podcasting in Africa. This collaborative project seeks to surface crucial information and insights to support investment in innovative business models within the podcasting industry, which is showing tremendous potential.

Through this project our objective is to develop a baseline understanding of the trends in African podcasting from which to frame further programming; and to use reliable data to map the potential of and make a strong case for further investment in African podcasting

Discovery tour, Data Edition

The aim in this second phase of research was to better understand the growth and sustainability of African podcasting in three leading African podcasting markets – Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

The research question being addressed is “What does growth and sustainability for African podcasting mean?” During the project, we have been able to uncover podcast themes, needs and perceptions of podcasters, audience engagement and motivations driving podcast growth in three of Africa’s largest podcast markets – Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Is this Mic On?

In December 2021, Africa Podfest and Baraza Media Lab came together to launch a report on the state of African podcasting.
For the first edition of the Podcasting in Africa report, we directly engaged with pioneer African podcasters, enablers & decision-makers in the African & global podcast and media ecosystem to uncover new findings, garner feedback from the stakeholders and build support for the research initiative.

“Is This Mic On?” explores how podcasting is taking root in Africa, going into what are some of the broadcasters motivations, their needs, the relationship between podcasters and their audiences, as well as look into the sustainability in African podcasting.

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