About Us

Baraza Media Lab is Nairobi’s premier space for networking, collaborating, and experimenting among Kenya’s media practitioners. As a vibrant hub, Baraza fosters a dynamic community of storytellers and media professionals, providing a platform for knowledge sharing and innovation. 


Our Mission

Creating a strong and collective media voice through experimentation, knowledge sharing, and networking


Our Vision

A creative community of African storytellers and public interest media that impacts society.

What We Offer

these are not included in the venue fee but can be added to the total cost

Shared Assets

Shared assets such as physical space, safe spaces for joint learning, and potential support (financial and non-financial) for journalists and news organizations

Space for Experimentation

Space for experimentation and collaboration among media practitioners in Kenya; and an environment for new media business models to emerge

Platform to Prototype

A platform to prototype new models of storytelling— especially alongside filmmakers, artists, social media experts, technologists, and other groups of content creators

Networks & Linkages

New informal networks and linkages; and the space for more direct and intentional connections and partnerships

Curated Events

Carefully curated events and projects to spark cross-disciplinary collaborations at a depth and scale not often witnessed in the Kenyan media ecosystem

Capacity Building

Knowledge and capacity building through well-designed and curated content and peer learning


Insights on the media ecosystem, audiences, and gaps, as we work with partners to translate these insights to new media business models


Our Core Values

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We welcome new, beautiful and creative ways of thinking as we support novel business models and methods of storytelling.

Our Strategy

At Baraza Media Lab, our 5-year strategy is to lead as Africa’s top community builder and media innovator. We’ll strengthen collective voices, establish a resource center, adopt sustainable finances, build trust-based funding relationships, optimize processes, engage an active board, expand presence in Kenya and East Africa, and promote a learning culture.

Our Principles

 These five principles are intended to help shape Baraza’s organizational structures and influence how we work both internally, and externally with our community.

Center the intended function of public interest media and find new forms to serve this function.

Think expansively about “media” and encourage new forms and approaches to storytelling.

Embrace hope, optimism, and creativity despite the challenges.

Build a community that shares our vision through new models for collaboration and exchange.

Adopt new approaches and technologies, recognizing them as opportunities instead of threats.

Contact information

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