Emmanuel Yegon: A collage of resilience (Mobile video)

Emmanuel Yegon created a collage of short mobile videos that highlight how the Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected the livelihoods of Kenyans working in informal jobs, but also how they are coping through networks of solidarity and resilience.

Watch the series below

Almost every turn you make in Mathare, Nairobi has a piece of art on the walls. Most of the pieces raise awareness on #COVID19 and the precautions to take. Mutua has done 15 murals so far. When we visited, he was doing mural on the other effects of COVID-19 which include gender based violence and crime in the community. #MobileJournalismAfrica #OurStoriesAreBestToldByUs
Yasmin Mohammed is the founder of the SUPERB CBO in Kibera Kibera. During this Covid19 period, the organization is working hard to ensure women and girls access sanitary towels, food and education. With issues of gender based violence on the rise, they’re ensuring families have food since moat of the cases are fueled by financial constraints. Because schools are closed, their small office has a small library for students. This is their story.
While confirmed #COVID19 cases continue to rise in Kenya, people’s livelihoods continue to be affected. In Kibera, one of the areas where several cases have been reported, the economic implications of the virus are high. In Lindi, we met Janet Asiko, a 38 year old single mother of 3. She’s lived in Kibera for 20 years now. Since the onset of the virus in the country, she hasn’t been able to hustle. With no source of income, there’s no food for the family. This is the situation withany, especially women in Kibera and other congregate settings in Nairobi and around the country. #MobileJournalismAfrica #OurStoriesAreBestToldByUS
In Korogocho, Nairobi, a group of youth are offering food, sanitary towels and other important essentials to locals in the community. The beneficiaries include the elderly, those who are bedridden, children-led families and other vulnerable members of the community. The Legend Kenya, Footprints 👣 for Change are some of the CBOs leading the drive. #MobileJournalismAfrica #OurStoriesAreBestToldByUs
“This kind of art makes people feel like we are all in this together, someone else understands what you are going through, you’re not alone. When all this is over, I hope we can be able to meet, share some hugs, nice stories and some art” Nicy Amala ia an expressionist artist. She uses paint and brush to express her feelings and emotions, lived experiences on canvas. During this period, she’s learning more about abstract painting and also does appreciation pieces for health workers and other frontline workers in the forefront of fighting #COVID19 #OurStoriesAreBestToldByUs

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