Dr. Njoki Ngumi

Non-clinical general practitioner

Dr. Njoki Ngumi is a non-clinical general practitioner, whose wider health knowledge and related expertise has been critical in the creative sector and connected arenas to enhance socioeconomic equity, equality and advancement for all, especially youth, women, young women, and marginalised people. Njoki’s cross-sectoral work, networks, communications expertise and organising was core to the founding, set-up and administration of three institutions: The Nest Collective, a Kenyan multidisciplinary arts collective, in 2012; HEVA, Africa’s first cultural and creative economy catalyst facility, in 2013; and Strictly Silk, a festival, club and multimedia entity focused on people marginalised by gender in 2018.

Her artistic work, with the Nest and individually, continues in the realms of film, installations, theatre, music, literature and international community experiences.

Dr. Ngumi’s previous expansive role at HEVA from the organization’s inception saw her contribute to, set up and lead program design and implementation, research initiatives, outreach programs, media relations, gender mainstreaming, and resource mobilisation.

As a multisectoral consultant and now managing partner at the Venio Group, Dr. Njoki Ngumi is central to creative and cultural sector public engagements, including related sector education, industry future-proofing, policy work, SME strategic resourcing, youth and women economic empowerment, South-South collaboration, stakeholder support and engagement, network building, and government dialogue.


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