The Power of Vanishing

BARUA YA BARAZA:  The Power of Vanishing

From the Curator’s Desk

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This week’s newsletter is continuing the tradition of inviting members of our community to write From The Curator’s Desk, and for this edition, I’m happy to hand it over to my colleague Cynthia Adongo, communications associate at Baraza Media Lab.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, a fascinating phenomenon has taken root—ephemeral content. This intriguing form of digital storytelling, characterized by posts and stories that vanish after a set period, has ushered in a new era of audience engagement. It’s in this realm of fleeting moments that creators like Kevin Maina, or MainaMind as his followers know him, have carved out their unique presence.

MainaMind is no ordinary content creator; he’s a multi-talented fusion of journalist, actor, podcaster, and artist,  the definition of a modern content creator. However, what truly sets him apart is his mastery in crafting ephemeral content that takes the form of polls, Q&A sessions, and other interactive formats that disappear after a set time. It’s a transient digital journey that feels less like he’s selling content and more as though he’s selling an emotion, an experience —a vibe.

Disappearing posts also offer opportunities for authentic self-expression and experimentation. Creatives can use this format to explore their personality and share genuine moments that don’t fit within the confines of a carefully created feed. The spontaneity contributes to creating a sense of urgency because it’s exclusive and fleeting, tapping into the appeal of immediate gratification. Moreover, it’s a refreshing break from curating polished posts for your feed and allows for unfiltered and raw content that often feels more relatable.

Evergreen content (the highly curated and produced posts, the opposite of ephemeral content) typically demands more time and effort to create due to its longer lifespan. But today, even these can be repurposed for ephemerality.  If you are a budding content creator, adopting this strategy can be a game-changer in expanding your reach and captivating audiences. Snapchats, Instastories and WhatsApp status have the power to captivate in a unique and immediate way.  

In an age where attention spans have dwindled to mere seconds, this is a perfect match for the way people now consume information. So, whether you’re a creator or a viewer, embrace the vanishing act, and embark on a digital journey where the magic lies in the moment, not the permanence.

In the meantime, here’s: 

What We’re Reading:  Kenya’s president, William Ruto, shows two sides, published by The Economist. The opening paragraph: “He is a master of inscrutability. While his face often wears a smile, a glance at William Ruto’s eyes suggests it is rarely a warm one. A year after he came to power, working out whether Kenya’s president is grinning or snarling depends on where one is standing.” (!)

What We’re Watching: Going by last edition’s hip-hop theme, Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip-Hop on Netflix. There is no hip-hop without Black women, and the series—released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of hip-hop—makes sure to remind you of that.

What We’re Listening to: The Retrievals, from Serial Productions and The New York Times. Dozens of women seeking to become mothers came to a fertility clinic at Yale. This five-part narrative series explores the shocking events that unfolded there, and tells an uncomfortable story about what we believe about women’s pain.

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Christine Mungai | Baraza Media Lab


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